Objectives of Hindu Ecosystem

Culture. Environment. Educational Trust

Hardware maintenance:
To preserve our temples, Baolis (step wells), monuments and other heritage properties those are damaged, non-maintained and require good care.

To preserve, conserve and promote Vedic literature, Purans, Upnishads, Ramayana and Gita through digitalization and innovative processes

To organize conferences, seminars, webinars, literature festivals, cultural festivals, exhibitions, galleries, offline and online to spread awareness our old age Indian culture, art, heritage, literature, philosophy, Indian languages and history.


  • To recognize talents in our society, organizing awards, rewards and scholarships, honor.
  • To preserve, conserve and promote eco system, flora and fauna, habitat in its natural behavior
  • To decorate and document Indian ethnic art and painting, folk, fashion and cultural importance, heritage, tribal life, herbs and specialty, diversified food, travel and tourism, importance of places.
  • To nurture new talents through schools, colleges and specialized centers to carry on old age parampara, lokkala, education systems.
  • To support marginalized segment of our society, our deprived and suppressed brothers and sisters by uplifting their lives by making them socially, culturally, economically and self-sustained.
  • To support ones who are preserving, conserving Indian philosophy, culture, art and heritage and physical bodies by means of funding, logical support and logistics.
  • To open its own digital channels, audio video channels, websites, radio channels, news and views channels and other tools to promote our culture and save environment.
  • To make documentaries, short films, films on various historic, culturist subjects we can proud of in context to our philosophy, culture, history and literature.
  • To make model living systems that will be self-sustained pollution free, organic and natural defining old age eco system in context to our culture.