Hindu Ecosystem SanskarShala

First Sanskarsala

प्रथम त्रिदिवसीय आवासीय संस्कारशाला प्रशिक्षण

Second Sanskarsala

द्वितीय त्रिदिवसीय आवासीय संस्कारशाला प्रशिक्षण

Second Sanskarsala

तृतीय त्रिदिवसीय आवासीय संस्कारशाला प्रशिक्षण

Ethos for Hindu Eco-System Induction Training Workshops

त्रि-दिवसीय हिंदू संस्कारशाला (Basic)

3 Day’s Induction Program on Hindu Ethos 

The word Hindu or Hinduism is most commonly used but most rarely understood. Neither the followers of this faith nor the antagonists fully know the finer spirit of this oldest tradition, it is because this is Simple yet Complex, Easy yet Difficult, widely known yet commonly misunderstood culture.
Educating people thus, will be a challenge, both for the teacher, as well for the students. Nonetheless, we shall make our sincere efforts to communicate what we call Basic Essentials of the faith Hinduism.


Language for communication should be Hindi (for North India) alongside Sanskrit and local dialects. English should only be used when unable to find suitable vocabulary or quoting foreign authors or any commentaries from other sources.

Mode of Training: 

Mode of Teaching should be Face to Face with Eye Contact. Secondary follow up and refresher programs can be held online or on any virtual platforms, once a student has been inducted by attending offline Foundation Program, in company and association with other participants the competent Elders/Teachers.


Duration of this proposed Induction Training, one may call this as Initiation, a 3 complete days, at any suitable residential facility*, where all participants stay together, live together, learn together, dine together and share their views, convictions and concern under an informal set up, guided by a competent teacher.

Group Size: 

Preferred group size should be between 20-25. All graduates and an average age group 30-35 makes a vibrant learning.


All Vegetarian meals and No Intoxicant policy for all participants of the program remains a Non-Negotiable policy.

Working Hours: 

Wake Up time will be 05:00 in the morning and we shall work till 10:00 pm, when lights are put off and we call Silence Hours. Internal Discipline is Hallmark of Hinduism and Morning sessions are meant for Spiritual Awakening in Brahma Muhurta which is also called as Amrit Bela or Sattva Muhurta.
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